Universal Access Audit

Universal Access done right, ensures Accessibility for all, mitigates Health and Safety risk and reduce Costs.

“Every person, whether it is an employee, customer or tenant, experience accessibility, health and safety differently, in the way they move, manipulate, observe, navigate, orientate or communicate, when approaching, entering, using, circulating and exiting a specific indoor or outdoor environment.”


We, as Universal Access Consultants, facilitates the development of environments, services and facilities to be inclusive of all people, including people with disabilities by:

  • Adding value in identifying elements and spaces of accessibility non-compliance within designs and environments and;

  • Providing professional advice on Universal Access and Design

  • to design environments to be enable inclusive, equal and dignified access for all as an essential human right and need to be more, thereby;

  • Ensuring Key elements of Accessibility are identified and compliantly addressed by Architects and engineers who are highly skilled professionals responsible to follow strict regulations when designing and constructing buildings and infrastructure to be functional, safe, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable

The services offered by Inclusive Design underpins the company’s fundamentals and vision in terms of Universally Accessible (UA) Planning, Design, Construction and Modification of the built environment.

Whether you are designing, constructing or modifying a building or home, publicly of privately, accessibility matters a great deal.

We, as Universal Access Consultants, are the important link between the built environment and society’s diverse needs and minimizing the clients risks, prevent costly adjustments and retrofitting which look out of place. 


Submit your architectural plans for a free SANS 10400 Part S (2011) audit and the first three areas of non-compliance is on us! After that, we will submit a quote to have the rest of the plan audited.


  • NO COST for an architectural plan audit with a detailed write-up and recommendations on three areas of non-compliance with SANS 10400 Part S (2011).

  • If we find more than three areas of non-compliance, we will submit a quote for the detailed audit of your plans


Submit your plans for free review here:


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