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South Africa


26  /   07   /   2017

Requested for in two part, SALGA required research and investigation into what local authorities had achieved in terms of Universal Access before the development of draft guidelines for universal access for local authorities. This Draft Guideline document therefore provided guidelines to Local Governments to create enabling environments that support and foster a diverse population. It serves to protect people from discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age and disability among other criteria defined in South Africa’s Constitution, and is important because it is the responsibility of Local Government to create a platform to ensure that all people in our society are able to participate fully in economic, social, community and political activities.

The Draft Guideline provided guidance on the development and implementation of Universal Access, which is aimed at promoting the rights and freedoms of all people, including people with disabilities and other persons with diverse needs/requirements.

This project was undertaken during the partnership with UDAfrica.

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