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Cape Town



28  /   06   /   2016

Stellenbosch Municipality concluded a study on the accessibility of Municipal facilities, infrastructure and procedures in June 2015. The results of that study were published in a report titled “Disability Accessibility Study on Municipal Buildings, Infrastructure & Procedures”. It covered a range of different building types and identified areas of non-compliance ranging from non-existing bathroom facilities to the type of door handle. Subsequent to the findings in the report, and in order to structure a process for moving forward, to incorporate and adopt the notions of Universal Access throughout the Municipality, Stellenbosch Municipality appointed a service provider to facilitate the development of an implementation plan, in partnership with all Municipal departments. In order for the implementation plan to positively influence change within the Municipality, for its staff, as well as the clients and the community that the Municipality serves, the implementation plan had to consider constraints, differences in opinion, various pressing issues within the Municipality (such as basic service provision) as well as financial considerations, operations and procedures. 

This project was undertaken during the partnership with UDAfrica.

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