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Cape Town


08  /   02   /   2018

As a University in South Africa, the recent years of student protests have put many items of urgency on the to-do lists of academic institutions, yet UWC have made an effort to identify the areas where they might be able to make gains in terms of Universal Access. The University identified three priority buildings (the Center for Student Support Services, the Library and the main Student Residence) and put out an RFQ to have these facilities and the immediate surrounding areas reviewed in terms of compliance with Universal Access (minimum requirements in South Africa is the SANS 10400 Part S: Facilities for Persons with Disabilities). 

Due to the number of students on the premises throughout weekdays, the review of the buildings and infrastructure was arranged for over weekends and the compilation of the reporting took weeks. The work was conducted with the use of a dedicated and specialised digital application, called the Universal Access App (TM) for which Inclusive Design own the trademark, which allows vast amounts of data to be accurately collected onsite with a corresponding floor plan. 

The project was also initiated with an introductory workshop to Universal Access, also hosted interviews with the student association and concluded with a presentation of the overall findings. 

This project was independently undertaken during the partnership with UDAfrica.

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